DHX MEDIA Dr Dimensionpants

Dr. Dimensionpants

Dr. Dimensionpants/Kyle Lipton is the main character. He is Voiced by: Samuel Vincent


Kyle Lipton aka Dr. Dimensionpants, who, for all his life was just like the other kids - playful, happy and without a care in the world until one day an inter-dimensional portal opened up and dropped onto his lap a pair of glowing pants. Now Kyle is Dr. Dimensionpants, a super-hero who must deal with the constant threat of inter-dimensional villains bent on taking the pants.

He has orange hair. blue shirt, brown pants, freck

Current design

les and black shoes when he is Kyle.

He has a black spiky hair under his hood which is attached to his light blue shirt with yellow stripes and his sleeves are darker blue. He has a blue belt, green eyes, freckles and a moustache. He has blue pants with yellow stripes between the stripes are his knees which are darker blue and he wears black shoes.


  • Kyle is terrible in mathematics.
  • Kyle hides your secret identity only to the people (including your family and your friends) do not realize that he is the Dr. Dimensionpants.
  • Kyle ever behave yourself in comic style instead of behave yoursef how real hero.