Glass Skull is a villian on Dr. Dimensionpants. He is seen on Evil Dad.

Biography Edit

Glass Skull is a character almost tall as Phillip. He has a Glass Skull and wears white shirt with a red tippet also white pants, black boots and black gloves, a belt with skull on it and he has black eyes with red pupils. At home he wears black glasses.

Relationships Edit


Kyle is Glass Skull's enemy. Because of his glasses Kyle didn't know he is Glass Skull and he didn't know Kyle is Dr. Dimensionpants as he wasn't wearing his pants. Kyle likes Glass Skull's daughter - Rebecca so he tries to impress Glass Skull. Glass Skull always suspicious of Kyle, because he considers that he looks like some of his enemy.

Rebecca Edit

Rebecca is Glass Skull's daughter. He wants to keep her safe but Rebecca doesn't likes him. As he said "My daughter is too young for dates" he doesn't wants boyfriend to his daughter. Glass Skull tries to convince her daughter to stay away from Kyle.

Lennon Edit

Glass Skull hates Lennon that much to push him to aligators because Rebecca likes him.

Cortex Edit

Cortex and Glass Skull already allied once to destroy the Dr Dimensionpants, but the two failed when they were defeated by the Dr. Dimensionpants.