Cortex é personagem no Dr. Dimensionpants. Ele foi visto por primeira vez sem BFF Cortex.

Biography Edit

He has a blue body and big brain. He wears a green shirt with red stripes on it. He has green pants and black boot and a moustache. He is on Kyle's school as seen on BFF Cortex.

Personality Edit

Cortex embodies many of the classic traits of psychopathy, being short-tempered, reckless, having no apparent conscience, and frequently manipulating others to get what he wants. Like many stereotypical villainous mad scientists, Cortex holds a grudge against other scientists for ridiculing his outlandish (yet workable) ideas, and was originally driven towards world domination by the desire to prove his colleagues wrong. For most of the time, Cortex doesn't care for the lives and feelings of others, caring only for himself and what he wants. 

Relationships Edit

Kyle Edit

He was best friend with Kyle on BFF Cortex but he was pretending to destroy him.

Trivia Edit

  • Cortex is similar to Doctor Neo Cortex of Crash Bashdicoot series. Both are evil, both want to dominate the world,both they want to destroy their enemies (Crash Bandicoot and Dr. Dimensionpants) and both they try to get what they want. And they bear the same appearance and name.